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How to choose a laptop for programming

How to choose a laptop for programming

Programming Laptops are not much different from other usual working laptops as coding software does not require some impressive specifications. However, there are certain small things that when added together, make a lot of difference. People use both Windows and Mac for running code; yet, the efficiency, speed, keyboard, and specific other specs matter.

If you want to buy a programming laptop, there are certain things that you should consider that are given below.


Mobility of the laptop is essential as you may have to carry it around to work in different setups. You should consider a 15-inch standard laptop size as they can be easily carried in a bag. Also, make sure that you choose a light-weight machine.


If you want to do big projects, getting a high-speed laptop is essential. Make sure that you select a computer having processing speed greater than Inter i6 quad-core chip. You can also go for latest AMD processors for faster processing speed.


A comfortable keyboard is a key to a good programming laptop because a programming work requires you to write code all day long. Make sure that all the tickets are easily reachable and have a good layout.


Choose a laptop with 1080 pixel or 4K resolution so that you can look at the small characters comfortably.


Simple programming projects do not require a hard and fast graphic card. You can work with 2GB dedicated graphic card. However, if you want to complete a high-end project such as game or app development, you will need NVidia or above.

Speed and Storage

Usually, programming laptops require many RAM and Hard Disk space because of the heavy project sizes. Ensure that you select a laptop having RAM greater than 8 GB with more than 256 GB SSD hard drive.

Operating System

Choosing an Operating System before selecting the laptop is important as it will open an entire range of devices for you.