4 Tips to Prepare Your Teen to Drive Solo

It’s official. Your teenager is driving. While it is spectacular that they can drive themselves anywhere there are some things that you need to know. Safety is a must. Here are 4 tips on how to prepare your teen to drive solo.

1. Have a License on Them

Teens should have a valid driver’s license on them whenever they go out driving. In the case that they are pulled over it does not look good if they don’t have their license. A teen who only has a learner’s permit should not be driving on their own unless they are with an adult.

Until teens get a full license they have an intermediate license. With this license, they are not permitted to drive on their own at night.

2. Talk About Safety

It is very important to talk about safety with your kid before allowing them to drive on their own. Tell them to wear their seat belt at all times, pay attention to the road, and prepare them for the right driver’s etiquette. Practice rules and habits.

3. Warn Them About Distracted Drivers

Driving is not safe, that’s the first key issue to mark. Some people have texted while driving, drink, or don’t pay attention to the road. Having your child understand this is a key component to helping them drive safely and be aware of everything on the road.

4. Make a Commitment to Drive Safely

The rules don’t have to be written on paper but have your teen commit with you that they are going to drive safely without you on the road. Teens should commit to following the rules. When they are first driving on their own have the text you to ensure that they have made it to their destination safely.