Why Teens Are Addicted to Social Media

We are living in a technological age where everyone is stick to their devices. There is no need for teenagers to go out and connect with people face-to-face in real terms because of social media. As most teenagers use social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., it is straightforward to connect and communicate while sitting at the same place.

There are many reasons why teenagers are addicted to social media. Most of the popular ones are given below.

The easiness of the Apps

The use of social media apps is effortless. They are created in a way that makes them very simple to use for teenagers. Since every option is available at ease without any hard and fast rules, almost every teenager tries to use the apps.

Addictive Algorithm

Social media apps are designed in an addictive way. Since the unending feeds and constant interaction with the current happenings attract teenagers, they have become very dependent on these apps. When the teenagers are not using the apps, they regularly get notifications from the apps to check different things happening, so in the end, it again attracts the teenagers toward the use.


It is very convenient to be on social media. Since a person can be anyone and can act according to his way, it is the teenagers’ preferred choice. Teenagers prefer to communicate online. They like to engage with friends, family, or loved ones on social media apps because it is much more interactive and enjoyable than real life.

Popular Culture

Most teenagers fear that if they stay away from social media, they will miss out on the current happenings. In today’s popular culture, a person who does not use social media is considered naïve and old-fashioned. So, to make up to the world’s standards, a lot of teenagers bear the pressure of being on social media.