Why are Stories Important for Children

Stories are essential for children because it teaches them a lot about character development, and it helps them think in a better way. Since stories take children to an imaginary world, it helps them become more creative. The characters they read about play an essential role in their personal development as they consider them their friends, so they think and act in their unique way.

The complete detail about the importance of stories in children’s lives is given below.


Reading and listening to stories improves the overall language skill of a child. Since children get to know about new words when they read, it acts as a learning source. Usually, children start with picture books and then pave their way up to hard to read novels. In this process, they experience things such as ideas, shapes, forms, space, colors, etc. They get to learn about habits, daily routine, etc., so it is the best way to learn.

Builds Confidence

Because reading regularly improves speaking skills, it helps the children to talk well in front of others. Children who focus more on task during their early life get to be more confident in school because they have already developed an excellent speaking sense. Stories also help children analyze the world better because they always relate real-world things to the information mentioned in the book. So, they act accordingly.


Stories provide great enjoyment to children. Whether they are bedtime stories or extended plays, it helps children forget about any trouble they face. Since children go entirely into the stories and forget about the current happenings, it is the best way to relieve them of any problem they might be having.


Because children associate themselves with the characters in the story, they create an emotional connection with them. It creates a great feeling in them, so a sense of love, fun, joy, and sadness is also developed in their early stage of life.