6 Winter Hair Care Tips

Keeping hair healthy in the winter season is an incredibly complex task because of the dryness. It is easy to get dandruff and dry scalp, which is damaging for the hair. Because of the lack of moisture, hair starts to turn rough; thus, many problems like hair fall, split ends, and thin strands start to appear.

To deal with hair issues in winter, we have provided the following six tips.

Protect Hair from Dandruff

Because of less air moisture, the hair scalp becomes extremely dry and itchier. Thus, problems like dandruff and scalp itchiness start to appear, which eventually turns into hair fall. You can control this problem by regularly massaging your hair with coconut, almond, or tea tree oil. You can also use olive oil or lemon juice if you want. After the proper massage, leave the hair for 40 minutes for proper absorption. Finally, rinse it out with shampoo and conditioner.

Control Frizzy Hair

Because of the heavy winter clothes and lack of hair wash, the hair starts to turn frizzy and messy. You can use a vented brush to solve this problem. Also, avoid using hot water. Instead, you can wash your hair with lukewarm water.

Add Shine and Bounce to Hair

In winters, hair starts to lose volume. Because of this, the complete hairstyle looks dead and lifeless. You can solve this problem using a wooden comb with open teethes. Give moisture to your hair by covering it up with a cap or warm towel. You can also use honey for proper nourishment and shine.

Use Essential Oils for Massaging

Essential oil, because of its rich properties, is very beneficial for hair. Use them to massage your hair at least twice a week for proper care.

Dry your Hair Properly

Do not use a blow dryer at full speed. Because it dries the scalp, using it too often will start to thin the hair strands and add dandruff to the scalp. Avoid using it and dry hair naturally.

Use Hair Conditioner

Hair needs a lot of moisture in winter. It can be added using an additional conditioner with shampoo.