How To View Instagram Stories Anonymously

Instagram stories are an excellent way to depict your daily activities and happenings around you. You can view your friends, celebrities, and many other pages depending upon who you follow. But when you see their stories, you will be added to their list of story viewer with a timestamp.

It is essential to know who viewed your story, but sometimes there is a need to maintain anonymity.

There are many ways that you can use to remain anonymous stories viewer. Although it is not built-in in the Instagram app or website, you can use many tools and techniques to hide your identity.

The quickest method to remain an anonymous story watcher is by going to Instagram Story Viewer website. You can enter the username, full name, or Instagram handles to check out public Instagram stories and posts while without revealing your identity. As long as the profile is not private, you can use this method. Available on both Android and IOS, you can even download the stories and posts, so it is worth it. This can be used by people to hide their identity while still getting connected with public profiles. Sometimes, it is good that you remain inactive in a way, so you can use it for that purpose too.

One other method to checkout public Instagram profiles (containing both stories and posts) is to go on It is an Instagram Stories Viewer website where you get additional data analytics options such as profile activeness, the ratio of photos and videos and account rate. You can additionally download posts and stories, so it is recommended. Get the best out of the website by viewing the stories and profiles in an anonymous fashion. Overall, it is a beneficial technique as compared to other tools in the market, so make sure to visit this site.