Soft dog food for bad teeth

Whether it comes down to caring for your elderly grandma or aunt, or taking good care of that dog you’ve had for ages, you always want to make sure that they are every bit as comfortable as they can possibly be.

With people or animals you care about, you always want to make sure that they do not suffer, especially when they are carrying out an activity that is supposed to be as simple and as natural as eating.

Sadly, when people or your pet dog grow old, even seemingly natural activities like eating can quickly become a bit of a challenge. This is particularly more so the case when the item to be eaten is dry food.

Dry food has numerous benefits. Some of which include but are not limited to,

  • It is relatively one of the most affordable foods for dogs,
  • It is always easy to get,
  • It can be stored for a significantly lengthy period of time and still be good, and
  • When fed to young and growing pups, it is capable of actually boosting their dental health and status.

However, the older a dog grows, the more difficult it becomes for it to chew dry food. In fact, it can be a very painful process for older dogs.

You can help relieve this pain by,

Mixing it with Water

This can prove very helpful for your dog as it helps soften and reduce the texture of the food until it has reached an acceptable level for the dog to chew freely.

Mixing it with Canned Food

Alternatively, you can combine the dry food with canned food as they tend to generally have a higher moisture content that can also help soften the dry food.

Another good option you have is to specifically feed soft dog food for bad teeth to your pet. This makes sure that you do not compound the problem they are having eating.