Reasons your Toddler Could be Waking Up at Night

Raising a child can be a very challenging task. This challenge remains for the most part even into old age. But let’s come back to the basics; your child’s sleeping habit.

The simple truth is how well you sleep is entirely dependent on how well your child sleeps. In other words, if they don’t, neither do you. If your child has been waking up at night, this is more than enough reason to ensure you find out why.

For toddlers who haven’t displayed such traits in the past, this might seem like a serious problem. In reality, children waking up frequently at night are actually a very common occurrence.

There are a great deal of factors that might trigger this change in behavior in your toddler. In no particular order, some of these reasons include,

  • It could be that your child is feeling under the weather,
  • Your child could be adjusting to any number of new changes (a new room, new bed or even a new sibling),
  • Your child might be scared to sleep as a result of a bad dream or nightmares

Naturally, how you respond to your toddler waking up at night would be dependent on what the cause of the sleeplessness is. That said, there are a few general approaches you can take to find and once identified, sort the issue.

You could,

Adjust Sleeping Habit

Adjusting your child’s sleeping habit can actually solve the problem. Encouraging an earlier bed things and incorporating practices that help the child sleep better, such as reading stories can efficiently solve the problem.

Improve Comfort

Sometimes as simple as getting your toddler a teddy bear or toy to keep the child company might also be enough to help quiet your baby down. As support, you could give the child a diaper too. This is because studies have shown that a fear of bed-wetting might be strong enough to keep the child from sleeping at all.

Provide a Reassuring Presence

When you hear your toddler cry out and you have sufficiently established the child is not in any danger, you could try this approach: Rather than carry the toddler or vocalize your presence, try to soothe the child by touch. Gently pat the baby and check their response. Doing this frequently enough and in the right manner can put them at peace and in bed.

Being a parent isn’t the easiest task in the world. However, the joy and sunshine they bring more than makes up for it. So, stay strong and hang in there, folks!