How Can I Tell If My Child Needs Glasses

As one of the famous “Five (5) Senses,” the eye and its importance to everyday activities can never truly be overstated. This is more so the case with young children. As far as the senses go, the eyes and sight is actually indispensable to their learning process.

Therefore, it stands to reason that if they cannot see, poor academic performance may possibly ensure.

Naturally, as you would expect, poor eye sight alone cannot possibly the only reason for poor performance in class. So how do you tell for sure that your child is having trouble with their sight?

The only way you can be absolutely certain that they are having issues with their eyes and they need glasses is to have them see an ophthalmologist and take an eye exam. However, before it gets to this point, there are a few visible signs you may observe to help you determine if such a visit is necessary.

1. You See Your Child Squinting

This is almost a dead giveaway that your child needs help with their eyesight. The act of squinting results from the inability of the eye to bring an image into focus fully.

2. Your Child Constantly Covers One Eye

A child will normally do this when they are trying to make something they want to see clearer. Any number of eye problems can cause this, ranging from amblyopia to conditions of misaligned eyes.

3. Constantly Rubbing the Eye

Another clear indicator it might be time to help your child with their eyesight is you observe them frequently rubbing their eye. Broadly speaking, any number of factors may cause this phenomenon. Common causes include tiredness or incident of eye strain.

According to Brad King, “Eyesight is something people often take for granted until it’s too late.” Doing your best not to make this mistake just might save your child’s eyesight.