How to Curl Thick Hair

Getting your hair to curl by yourself is in itself a bit of a challenge. However, this difficulty increases quite significantly when the hair in question has a thick texture. While it might prove more tasking to carry out, getting your thick hair to curl all by yourself is far from impossible.

At its core, getting thick textured hair or fine hair to curl follow the same basic principles. The first being neatness. You’re far more likely to achieve better results if your thick hair is clean for the process. Even though there are several, divergent opinions on this, one thing is irrefutable; your hair retains treatment better when it is free of all styling product residue.

In addition to the above, there is another necessity to ensure when preparing to curl your thick hair. The hair must be perfectly conditioned. When conditioning your hair, do well to avoid using highly concentrated shampoo as these are far more likely to do more harm than good. They generally tend to strip the hair of valuable nutrients and make curling your thick hair that much more difficult.

Also, worthy of note is the fact that your hair must be as dry as is physically possible. The relevance of this detail cannot be overstated.

Wet hair and curling irons never mix well, ever. So make sure you dry it out completely before starting the curling process.

Prepping with the Right Tools

Clearly, a lot rides on what tools you use to prepare and consequently curl your hair. Balancing quality across board helps you make sure that you receive a good, lasting result. Thick hair or not, once you have the right combination of hair styling products and the best curling iron for thick hair here, you’re essentially set to go.

Also of great importance here is your safety, which is why you should use appropriate gear like good, heat resistant gloves (to protect your fingers and hands) and gel with the right hold capacity to ensure no damage comes to your hair.

Your Choice of Curling Irons

When picking the curling iron you want to use one thing you should always bear in mind is the exact result you want to achieve. Particularly when dealing with thick hair, not just any curling iron will suffice.

For your thick hair and to also guarantee the desired performance, sufficient protection and overall durability in the long run, you need to be looking at the following specific types of curling irons:

  • Tourmaline curling iron,
  • Ceramic core curling iron, and,
  • Titanium curling iron.

These are especially good at handling the level of heat you need to do the job without going overboard.

Another aspect of the curling iron worth looking at closely is the barrel portion. The nature of the barrel directly impacts how your curls come out in the end.

Ultimately, there are no downsides to going for a good quality curling iron. Bearing in mind that this isn’t a purchase you’ll only use once, taking the time to carefully look over the numerous options available and picking the one that’s best for you is something you should consider doing.

There’s no doubt that to get and maintain a curl for your thick hair, you need a curling iron that is reliable and also easy to use and maintain.