Plan Smarter With Enhanced Google Travel Tools

To help its users, Google has upgraded its travel site to provide a very helpful feature. Besides the normal forecasts of weather, a user can now better plan the next journey thanks to the new update that reveals the most convenient and most pricey period to reach the desired destination.

While doing your research on Google Travel, you are now able to check “Where to stay” and see the average hotel price for the top places in your destination. To browse the busiest, and least busy hours, as well as the climate condition and prices, check “When to visit”. Lastly, search “What you’re going to pay” for additional details on local hotel and resort price ranges.

According to one example in “Travel Pulse”, you will find that the Theater District is the best place to stay in one of the most searched locations – New York, with an average hotel rate of just 123€ per night for three-night stays for two people from 19-22 January. Moreover, the improved option reveals that January is just a little busy and is the cheapest time to stay in hotels for $73 to $194 a night.

You may see, for starters, that Portugal is quite busy in May and pricey in July, although the temperature is nice in September as it is in July, tourist visits decline and hotel prices are, normally, more reasonable. However, it does not function for all locations, for some, it only reveals normal prices.

Another good thing is that it provides details about various months of the year, regardless of what the search is. In conclusion, travelers know what to expect based on their trip dates, and if you’re somewhat flexible about your trip date, you will indeed find out more about when is your perfect time to travel.