How to Learn to Ride a Bike in 15 Minutes

Learning to ride a bike is an incredible experience for a child. It’s a memory for a parent to cherish forever when they first see their child take off riding a bike on their own. Although it does take time to get balance before having the confidence to ride a bike, here is how to learn to ride a bike in 15 minutes.


First things first, the child should be ready to ride a bike. Around the age of 4 or 5 is when a child has the balance to ride a bike. Second of all, you need a bike. Find a sturdy bike that isn’t too big with a brake. Test out the bike so that both feet are touching the ground.

Find a Location

Find a safe location to experience the first lesson. Don’t find the steepest hill where it looks like an awful crash could happen. This area should be sturdy ground and open. The first bike ride in a place surrounded by trees is not the best option.

Always. Wear. a. Helmet

The title speaks for itself. Safety is very important. No matter where you are, your child should always be wearing a helmet. Go over all safety cautions with them, too. Other than a helmet, the child should be wearing clothing that is not of a safety hazard to riding a bike.

Just Keep Peddling

Once the child is off, encourage them to keep peddling, stay steady, and roll away. Work on the directions of the steering wheel to slowly move in the direction to go in. Keep a close watch on how the child bends their legs. Bending the leg when peddling is most important so they can be flexible.