Parent Hack: Change the Wifi

Are you tired of constantly telling your children to get off their phones and go do their homework? It’s time you put your foot down. Change the wifi password. For parents who are not sure how to change the wifi password, here are some easy steps.

Why Should I Change the Wifi Password?

Changing the wifi password has many benefits. Don’t change the password every week. Change the wifi password every few months just to ensure that your wifi password is not being used outside of your house. It also prevents any annoying interruptions in the system.

Finding the I.P. Address

On the back of the wifi router, you will locate the IP Address. Normally, they are four numbers. Then, open up a new window on the computer you are using, and type in the address. Here’s where you have to know your login information. If you are not sure, then contact your Internet provider. Yes, we know that takes time, but the kid’s chores need to be done in the house. After logging in, and change the wifi password in the options given to you.

Various Wifi-Networks

The kids are not just using their phones with wifi. Think about other important necessities like computers, printers, or Apple TV. Hook up various Wifi passwords for these networks. That way, your kids will get bored with trying to find the right password and go do their homework to pass time.

What Happens After That?

Now that the Wifi password has been changed, everything has been reset. On all devices, you have to log back in to secure that you have a connection. Changing the Wifi password is a simple process. Therefore, you can sit back on your phone while the kids quietly work on homework.