Lessons Learned from Motherhood

By: Shabnam Aminmadani
Mother's Day, 2014

Motherhood has taught me many lessons, more than I can name. The lists of things I never imagined I’d say — like “Please don’t lick the wall!”  — and things I never thought I’d do — like drive a minivan — are very long. Here are the top three ways that motherhood has changed me: 1. … Read more


Money and Love: Two Unspoken Fears About Adoption

By: KellyHancock

Adoption can be scary, I am not going to lie. Every fear I had was magnified during our adoption process, but I learned I cannot be controlled by my fears. If I had let that happen, we would have completely missed out on the joy we now have. The best things don’t come easily. Overcoming … Read more


5 Ways to Inspire Children to Give Back

By: Jessica Turner

  Volunteering with your children is an awesome way to teach them about giving back. I’ve been in the social work field for more than 15 years and know firsthand just how important it is to give back. Blame it on working for nonprofits all those years, but I know that without volunteers a lot … Read more


The First Year of Motherhood: Lessons Learned

By: Sydney
Lessons learned in the first year of Motherhood

In a blink of an eye, the tiny baby I gave birth to is now taking steps. She’s laughing, saying first words and asserting her big personality wherever she goes. As we approach her first birthday, I want to share a few lessons I have learned along the way. It takes a village.  Something about … Read more


Expectations: A Parenting Pitfall

By: Leisa Hammett

“Life happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” ~ John Lennon Whether a mother or father has one child or five, whether their sons and daughters are “typically developing” or have a disAbility, in our culture, we tend to share a certain parenting pitfall: Expectations. When a parent’s child is diagnosed with autism or … Read more


A NICU Nurse Recalls the True Measures of Success

By: Marlee

I once read that it’s the hearts you touch, not the things you get, that determine your success in life. Today, you might look at me and say I have achieved success. I have raised four children and have been blessed to see and be a part of the lives of 13 grandchildren. I have been … Read more


Sometimes Graduation Day Never Arrives

By: Leisa Hammett

Editor’s Note: We are proud to partner with Listen to Your Mother Nashville, a show of women reading stories of motherhood. We have asked a few of our own mothers and bloggers to write stories of motherhood as the event draws near. Join us each Monday for their stories, and join us for the show … Read more


Meet Our Hockey Fights Cancer Ambassador

By: Wishing Well

Editor’s note: Saturday, March 1 is Hockey Fights Cancer Night. The Nashville Predators will raise funds for a pediatric cancer research fund through a portion of ticket sales for the Hockey Fights Cancer game nights, silent auctions, and fan donations. This post was written by our ambassador CJ’s mom, Chasity Jackson . Our journey started … Read more


A Congenital Heart Miracle Story

By: Wishing Well

Editor’s note: A longer version of this post first appeared on Nadia’s Facebook page. Our team was so moved by it, we asked to share it here in honor of Congenital Heart Defect Week and Heart Month. It was the third day of February, 2013. My husband, Tommy, and I were home together for the … Read more


A Child Not Defined by His Heart Condition

By: Wishing Well

When you first hear that you’re going to have a child, you’re excited. You begin preparing for your amazing future. One of the things you don’t prepare yourself for, however, is the possibility that your child may not be absolutely healthy. Our son Colten was born with a rare and complex congenital heart defect (CHD) … Read more

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